Domestic workers, or commonly known as maids are people who serve another individual or family by doing household tasks and maintaining the order in their houses. They are commonly employed by rich and well-off families and are traditionally obliged to live in with their employers. The usual tasks for these workers include grocery shopping, ironing clothes, cooking of meals, caring for pets, cleaning the appliances, doing the laundry, and even taking care of the children and elders even though there are also specific occupations called for them such as nanny and babysitter.

Unfortunately, this honorable type of work was downgraded throughout the entire history because of the social and cultural hierarchy created by society. However, people can neglect that mindset and become more open regarding the importance and perks of these workers in the community and as well as in the economy. Some leading sectors have promoted the issuance of maid insurances for the security and safety of both the employer and employee. As such, MoneyIQ and other financial institutions have provided various services to comprehend the demands these people needed; to know more about the information regarding the services offered by these institutions, visit Maid Insurance Singapore.

Moreover, despite all the various policies and plans these financial companies provide, it is clear that they all can be summarized into specific viewpoints in which are compiled below.

The assurance of Security Bond

The security bond is a payment pledge by employers and other maid agencies to show that the employer is liable to his or her helper. This usually ranges up to a total of $5,000 and is compulsory for every family who has employed these workers. Usually collected by government agencies, this assures the proper wages, safety insurances, and working permits of the worker. Also, if the period of employment has come to an end, the primal amount paid for the security bond will be returned to the agency or employer so long as the safety of the worker after returning to their homes is guaranteed.

However, the prices required by these leading sectors do vary and could sometimes be a little expensive for some families; this is where the services of maid insurances come in. Financial institutions have agreed to cover a certain percentage from the total amount of security bonds. Thus, together with their additional features, these insurances will surely be a great help for families. So you must choose the right service provider.

The coverage for third party liabilities

It is common for people to experience unexpected events especially if their jobs require attendance and service to other people. Hence maid insurances make sure that for instances where the worker accidentally injured or caused any harm upon another individual, the expenses and additional needs of the casualties will be well taken care of. Also, this doesn’t just ensure the liability of the maids but also gives assurance that their coworkers and other people around them will be guaranteed safe. However, the coverage differs according to the agreed amount transacted by the financial institutions.

The coverage for medical expenses

Maids are vulnerable especially when they are within their respective fields of work. Since they got to do all the important things and tend all the necessities, they became prone to accidents and illnesses. This is one of the primal reasons why maid insurances were established. To help these workers with the expenses caused by these unforeseen events, financial companies decided to cover a certain percentage of these amounts so that the total bills won’t be that heavy. Moreover, features for these services include the helping of employers since they are also obliged to pay for additional treatments, the employee needs; since one of the requirements of employing domestic workers is the reliability of the employers to take care of their employees.


For some of the people, maids have become a great part of their lives. As an example, some domestic workers willingly stayed serving their employers until they reach their retirement age; this then creates great connections within the employee and the members of the families. And as a return for their loyalty and service, some leading sectors have promoted the establishment of financial institutions that provide insurances specifically for these people. Maid insurances are the products that ensure the safety of both the workers and their employers by providing certain amounts of coverage on the expenses caused by unexpected circumstances. These plans and policies are provided by financial institutions such as MoneyIQ and differ accordingly to the respective amounts considered as rates required by these companies. And for those who are planning on applying for maid insurances, visit Maid Insurance Singapore to know more about the details, additional information, and the features commonly given by financial institutions.