Getting the right amount for critical illness coverage is very important. When the question is about critical illness insurance how much is enough, then we need to question ourselves depending on an individual’s health and living income in Singapore. Critical illness means a severe health condition that needs proper care and treatment, and the cost of treatment is high, so we need to check first before we insured ourselves with the insurance plan. We need to check how much is the coverage? Is the insurance plan cover other lists of critical illness? Will we get a huge amount of compensation from the insurer when diagnosed with multiple critical illnesses when unable to work? As a clear rule, LIA suggests that the normal person critical illness inclusion of around $316,000.

Need to check the insurance policy

First, we need to check the insurance policy before we registered or insured ourselves with a critical illness insurance plan. In Singapore, we see more insurance companies providing critical illness insurance with different policies and plans, getting the best coverage, and preventing huge expenses. We need to check the insurance policy first, like how much the insurance plan cover? What happens if a person met with multiple critical illnesses and the waiting period to claim the insurance amount for all the medical and other expenditure costs? It will help us pay for our daily living expenses and living costs and protect us from any financial crisis.

Check whether the plan cover recovery expense

Suppose a person diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or multiple critical diseases needs a lot of money for the treatment, like hospital cost and other medical expenses. As a result, the person needs around five years or more to recover entirely from critical illness. During this time, the insurance covers all the medical expenses, hospital treatment, etc. When the person is recovering by time, they cannot work without affecting the income and saving. We need to check this to protect financially and from any critical health conditions.

Check how much coverage is enough

Without putting ourselves under any financial crisis, we need to see how much critical illness insurance in Singapore is enough? In Singapore, the death rate is more prone to cancer and other heart diseases like a heart attack and to protect ourselves. Our loved ones, critical illness insurance is necessary for everyone to stay protected before an emergency comes. We need to check how much cover the insurance can provide during a critical illness and how much money we can claim.

Is the plan cover other list of critical illness

Finding critical illness insurance is easy in Singapore, due to more availability of insurance providers with different policy and plans. But, to stay protected from various critical illnesses or cover multiple diseases like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, organ transplant, cancer, encephalitis, head trauma, coma, Heart Valve Surgery etc. We need to check whether the insurance covers multiple or other critical illness lists that require immediate treatment and medical care. When we do not have the treatment cost, we can protect ourselves from any health conditions before it’s too late.

The term maid renewal insurance means to renew the maid insurance because the insurance date expired. When we renew maid insurance in Singapore, we need to check a few things before renewing or buying the maid insurance to give our maid the best health protection and other medical benefits and protect them from financial troubles. In Singapore, maid insurance is a must, according to the Singapore government. Before we buy one, we need to check how much is the coverage? Is the maid insurance worth buying to protect the maid? Will the maid benefit from this insurance?

Check how much the maid insurance can cover

Before we buy maid insurance, we need to check how much the maid insurance cover. It helps the employer and the maid from many advantages of getting better health cover, medical benefits, additional benefits etc. We can check whether the insurance policy covers any personal accidents, hospital expenses, treatment cost to protect from any financial problem and treat the maid on time when there is a medical emergency. Also, check whether the plan has critical illness cover if the maid has a severe illness or a disease and treat on time to help and protect the maid.

Is there any accidental death or permanent disability cover

An accident can happen anytime without knowing. To prevent the maid, we need to check whether the maid insurance policy covers accidental cover or accidental death. The employer will get the insurer’s damaged cost and protect the employer from any financial crisis because of loss in business or work. We need to check the amount of accidental death whether the insurer will pay in full during an accidental death. Also, check if the maid becomes permanently disabled and unable to work will the insurer pay a vast amount of money as compensation if the maid met with an accident.

Check the insurance policy cover critical illness

We need to check the maid insurance before renewing the plan to check whether the plan covers critical illness or multiple illnesses to provide health and medical service during an emergency to protect the maid from any health problems. Also, check the insurance cover is there any early-stage critical illness treatment like cancer to treat them early. Before it becomes a more serious health problem, protect the maid and check other critical illnesses if the maid has other health problems before it become too late.


Before we buy critical illness insurance, we need to check how much cover is enough in Singapore to protect ourselves from critical illnesses and prevent them by treating them early. Also, we check if there other medical benefits and so on. Similarly, when it comes to a renewal of maid insurance, we need to see the benefits and protect our maid from any critical illness or diseases to protect their health and any financial crisis.