Having travel insurance is crucial especially when you are making an international trip. People often think it’s useless to have insurance for the same, but you never know when you need to have a check-up on your trip that may bring your budget crash. You can’t anticipate your health on your trip, and if the trip is more than two weeks, it becomes more essential to have it.

Picking travel insurance depends upon several factors starting from your trip international or national, your age, your purpose of traveling is it for vacation or adventure or studying, and so on, your age, your present health condition, and many more. One needs to carefully go through the policies while choosing one.

The person must not completely rely on the travel agent, an individual must go through the minute details such as the coverage, the plan benefits, in case of medical plan know the additional limits in the cover and price, such as hospitalization limit or the upper limit on treatment cost. Just don’t blindly depend upon your agent and get the insurance straignt away, you need to give a precise look to it.

Things you must be aware of while picking the best travel insurance are-

Know What is Covered by Your Home Insurance Policies or Banks

Many times home policies include insurance for personal possessions when you are away from your home, thus know the coverage so that you can save that portion of the amount. Banks provide insurance on credit cards and current accounts you can have the idea about their coverage but you must see that is it sufficient for your risk, as this free insurance occasionally is very minimal.

Age Limits

Thoroughly go through the age brackets of the plan. Often many companies do not provide benefits to the people aged over 65. HLAS is the best travel insurance company. Thus, you can also have an idea about the different companies providing the benefits and choose the one which best suits you.

Medical Coverage

One thing that people often commit a mistake is to not provide the proper details of their health. They skip it intentionally or unintentionally. You need to inform all your medical problems to the agent before getting the policy. Any operation or surgeries which have saved your life must be made available to them. If you suffer from any health problems such as asthma or others, know if the plan is having the coverage for the same or not. It may happen that because of your ignorance, you may not be able to avail of your required benefit. This is the main reason why people ask not to rely on the agent and not to miss the critical I formations.


The duration of the trip is essential to choose insurance. If you are traveling for more than two weeks or for a month you need to have your insurance accordingly. A single visit to the doctor can bring huge additional expenses to your list and maybe you are not prepared for the same. And it is common to get sick on an international trip because of the change in weather and the temperature. Everyone doesn’t have a strong immune system as well. Thus, know your limits and choose accordingly.


If you need to travel internationally more than three times a year, you should opt for an annual policy. This will even be less expensive than getting travel insurance for single-trip policies. But one must also know the limits in the case of extended trips and many more. As annual policies won’t cover backpackers on extended trips, they have a limit of a maximum of 31 days. Thus, you have to search for the companies that provide an extra benefit in this regard. One such company is HLAS that gives the best benefit.

Adventurous Trip

If you are going for an adventurous trip you have to look for the plan to give benefit for the same. Many policies do not cover risky activities such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, or mountain climbing. Hence if you are going for any of this activity make sure your plan includes comprehensive cover.

Family or Solo Trip

There are different plans for solo and family trips. You can choose accordingly. There are limits and benefits set suitably. Thus choosing a family trip when you are traveling with your family may many a time provides your more benefit. There are different benefits in the sub-category as well. Hence you must choose according to your family’s health conditions and so on.

It is significant to have the best travel insurance policy to safeguard your life on the trips. You must not risk your life on the thought of nothing will happen to you.