Getting new customers always costs you more than retaining the old ones. And more than half of your old customers are always ready to try your new products than the new customers. But the question is how to retain your old customers?

Well, there are quite a lot of steps and procedures that you can follow to retain them but at the end of the day, these would cost you quite a lot. The best option that you can choose to retain your customers is a loyalty program.  This one works quite well and in fact; quite a lot of big companies use this program. Here is a list of some of the big companies that use this program.

Amazon Prime

The users of Amazon Prime get a lot of benefits from just paying out a little more than $100 a year. This lets Amazon to provide its users with a number of offers on groceries and truth be told, Prime users quite a lot from these offers.

The prime users also get two-day free shipping on millions of products and that without making any kind of minimum purchases. Just image how you would normally pay for shipping and this deal provides a lot of value to the frequent shoppers.

Starbucks Rewards

The loyalty system at Starbucks is a classic one. Here the customers are required to download the Starbucks App and sign in. Now, what they need to do next is add any amount of money to the digital card, and whenever they checkout, they are supposed to scan it. This can be in-store or via mobile order as well.

Now, what happens is that the users earn 2 stars per every $1 they spend at Starbucks. The app has quite a few games as well, which allows the users to earn double-stars on some special days. The customers also get free beverage coupons on their birthdays and they can also apply the stars they earn to get discounts or free beverages.

Hyatt Loyalty Program:

The Hyatt Loyalty Program is available to everyone and is completely free of cost. And the good news is that it doesn’t have any thresholds that the members are required to meet. This program encourages the loyalty of the customer but on the other hand, if someone wants to acquire the highest tier, they are required to travel and stay at the hotel. The numbers are quite high and it would be quite hard for a normal person to meet them.

The customers can earn quite a lot of points and that’s not just by staying at the hotel. Earning of points is possible also with exhale classes, dining, spa, etc. The best thing about the Hyatt Loyalty program is that the customers are able to choose how they want to spend the points they earn and thus this makes it one of the best loyalty programs.

Levi’s VIP Program

The VIP program of Levi’s is quite unique and is also one of the best loyalty programs. The program is free to join and you just have to sign up. After that, you will be able to instantly enjoy 15% off on your first purchase. Every purchase that you make after that will let you earn VIP rivets and these rivets can be used to unlock quite a lot of personalized offers and rewards.

The VIP program of Levi’s has been designed by PRMMS Singapore. It’s a company that specializes in marketing and loyalty strategies. Besides Levi’s, PRMMS Singapore has quite a lot of famous customers.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club:

You can earn tier points and miles quite easily here and for that, all you need to do is fly and make purchases from Virgin. And all the miles and points that you gather can be used for your future travels. The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has three tiers and customers are grouped into those. Each of these tiers comes with different types of perks and facilities. So, a customer who’s spending a lot will be in the higher tier and enjoy all the perks and benefits that come with it.

CorePower Yoga Black Tag Program

The CorePower Yoga Black Tag Program is only for their loyal customers. Although anyone can become their loyal customers and for that, you have to make an annual payment. But the perks are quite beneficial as the customers receive unlimited classes and the class fees are also drastically decreased. Along with that the customers also receive free workshops, deals on retail, etc.

So, these are some of the companies that have the best customer layout programs. There are quite a lot of other companies too besides these. We hope the information has been of help to you.